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So that every wheel spins smoothly!

Let us help you repair and maintain your equipment. Maintaining the equipment guarantees longer durability. Yes, it’s a fact: a well-maintained mountain bike is a mountain bike that lasts. So, don’t let small glitches turn into big problems. Come see us for a full service, a quick check-up or even just to chat about your latest exploit (or epic fall) on the trails. From a simple puncture to complete component adjustment, we treat each bike with the utmost care and attention. By carrying out regular servicing, you not only extend the life of your bike, but you also ensure your safety and enjoyment on the road or on the trails.

With Rob, the Boss


With a well-maintained mountain bike, no more symphony of creaks and clicks during downhill rides! Your trail neighbors will appreciate the silence, and you'll avoid catching the attention of angry squirrels.


There's nothing like an impeccably oiled mountain bike to impress your cycling friends. “Wow, this derailleur is shinier than my teeth after whitening!” You will become the star of group outings!


With a top-notch mountain bike, there are no more excuses to avoid arduous climbs. "Sorry guys, I can't climb this hill, my bike is acting up... uh, wait, no, it's perfect now. Okay, let's go!"

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