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For proper hydration after exercise

Ah, beer after sports! That sweet golden nectar that makes athletes of all levels light up. Join us directly at the shop in our friendly bar to chat over a drink! We also regularly host concerts. In the meantime, let George explain why beer is actually the best-kept secret of many athletes.

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Yes, water is great, but beer? Even better! Composed mostly of water (about 90%), it hydrates effectively. And who can resist that little foam that tickles the palate?


Goodbye isotonic drinks! Beer contains natural electrolytes. After all, hops, malt, and barley must serve some purpose, right? And let's admit it, it's much more enjoyable to raise a glass of beer than to force down a strange potion with a chemical taste.


A good beer helps relax the muscles. Indeed, the alcohol it contains acts as a natural muscle relaxant. What's better than a good internal "stretching"?


Beer also provides carbohydrates! Perfect for recharging your batteries after intense effort. And those little calories? They're the energy you need to start fresh... or to raise the glass a second time


After a good workout, nothing beats a beer for bonding. It's the perfect opportunity to share your achievements, exaggerate your feats a bit, and laugh at the little mishaps on the field. And who knows, maybe after a few beers, you'll even decide to form a team for the next beer pong tournament.


Finally, beer is good for the spirits. After the effort, the comfort! Just knowing that a cold beer awaits can give you the motivation needed to finish that final uphill kilometer.

The Namaste Beer Corner (NBC)

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