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For a smooth ride !

Our skiman transforms your tired skis into real snow rockets! Waxing and edge maintenance hold no secrets for him. He’s also the one responsible for drilling holes in your brand new skis while you sweat profusely right next to him, hoping nothing will go wrong. Finally, he saves your after-ski night with Pytex when you drop off your skis damaged by the big rock hidden under the meter of powder that you hadn’t seen because you were riding so fast! But actually, what is Pytex? Let Pat explain…

With Pat, the skiman


Pytex is like MacGyver's magic chewing gum. In no time, it fills holes and cracks, restoring your skis to their younger years. It's literally our skiman's secret weapon.


Sharp rocks, branches hidden under the snow, or even icy trail edges – nothing scares the Pytex. Once Pytex is applied, your skis are ready to face any battle.


Pytex, in addition to being a superhero, knows how to remain discreet. It blends perfectly into the base of your skis, making the repair almost invisible. You can still brag about having impeccable skis, without revealing that the Pytex did all the work behind the scenes.

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