winter is finally here!!!!

So, finally we got snow!!! just tooo much....but it should be good for this weekend we hope, and mabye we could go skiing without risking our lifes,,wohoo..

Winter 15/16 on its way !!!

Hey there !!

So, winter is finally here , 25nov and allready snow and cold weather...

Shop's comming on nicely and well be pretty much open from the 9th of dec !!

Welcome !!


Location d'équipement de montagne.

Location d'équipement de montagne @ Namaste Alpcenter Argentiere

summer in argentiere

Hi there,


Namaste Alpcenter are open again .

Come and check out all our summer stuff .

Moutain Hardwear , Black Diamond , Deuter etc.


Good morning.


Good morning Chamonix valley !

Weather forecast was snow & rain ... then we wake up to this .

Should be ok up the hill !!

walking dog !!!







End o season comming up !!!

Apres ski at Namaste Alpcenter on Friday 26 april... 

4.30 pm until beer !!!

Everybody welcome !!!

test skis for sale

  TEST SKIS 2013

Now On SALE at Namaste Alpcenter !!!

Salomon Rocker 115 ... 300€ !!! Rocker 122 ... 300€ !!!

And a lot moore !!!

sale on !!!